Cisco Active Advisor is a free online service that automates network discovery and analysis of your network inventory. Follow the link below for some information and a video about Active Advisor, or view some of the articles in the Getting Started section of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) including a list of supported products and how to easily use the features within Active Advisor. Free Online Training is also available for Active Advisor.

Cisco Active Advisor reduces the overall risk of your network administration by keeping you up-to-date on:

  • Warranty and service contract status
  • Product advisories, including Product Security Incident Response Teams (PSIRTs) and field notices
  • End-of-life milestones for hardware and software
  • Don't Panic. It's free. 

More Information on Cisco Active Advisor is available at

Active Advisor shares some features with other Cisco Support Services (namely Smart Net Total Care, or Smart Care) such as providing lifecycle information, however there are some key differences between these offerings:

  1. Cisco's Smart Net Total Care requires the installation of an appliance that persistently scans a network for new devices and updated configurations, while Cisco Active Advisor takes a snapshot in time of the network status, and is user driven.
  2. SmartNet Total Care can scan large enterprise networks while Cisco Active Advisor can scan up to (3) /24 network subnets at a time via the web-based scanner, or up to /16 networks when using the native desktop scanners. You are not limited in the number of devices on your Active Advisor account, but may need to perform multiple scans to collect information about different network segments.
  3. SmartNet Total Care provides real-time information about a network, while Cisco Active Advisor uses only the latest information collected through the latest scan.
  4. Cisco's Product Support Services are for-fee services from Cisco, which not only shows knowledge of lifecycle information but also provides protection and support coverage for the network, including TAC access, OS updates and more. Cisco Active Advisor does not enforce obtaining a service contract and shows lifecycle information only.

With the above said -- larger networks that need real-time, current information and need product support and coverage should opt to use Smart Net Total Care. Smaller customers, or those with a tighter IT budget can use Cisco Active Advisor, while noticing its limitations on subnet scanning sizes, product support, and TAC access.

Link: Cisco Support Services

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