It is possible to bulk register a comma-separated-values file (.csv) or Microsoft MS-XLSX file (.xlsx) containing device chassis serial numbers into Active Advisor, without needing to use a scanner to register devices.  However, perhaps now a better option to manually register devices (depending on your needs) is to use the IOS Config Upload tool within Active Advisor, as it does not share the limitations below when only registering serial numbers:

  • Device configurations are not uploaded when using the "Upload from file" feature. This means that some features of Cisco Active Advisor such as configuration-contextual PSIRTs, Enabled Features, and the Best Practices Health tools won't be available for manually uploaded devices.
  • Only chassis serial numbers are currently supported. Uploading Line Card and Module serial numbers are not currently supported. If you need to register a device with it's modules or line cards, you'll need to use a scanner, or the IOS Config Upload feature listed above. Devices can also be registered into Active Advisor using Cisco Network Assistant - please see How do I upload devices from Cisco Network Assistant (CNA) into Active Advisor?.

To upload your devices serial numbers, navigate to the Add Devices screen, and use the upload button (as shown below). You may want to click the "Download Template" link for a reference file format. Choose the local file, and then press the 'Upload' button below.