Note: Please also see the following article for an explanation of sorting devices into separate "Networks". You can use Tags to further sort devices inside specific networks:

You can add (and later change) tags on devices, and use these to filter which devices are displayed within the "View Devices" screen. You can apply a new or existing tags to devices at the time you scan them (as shown below), or afterwards while viewing all or individual devices within the Active Advisor portal.

In the "View Devices" window within the portal, you can enable the display of device tags as a sortable/filterable column by selecting the "Gear" icon to the right:

You can change device tags in bulk by selecting checkboxes to the left of any desired devices, and then click the "tags" (middle) icon as shown below. You can filter displayed devices by their tags (or by partial text in any displayed field) by clicking the "Magnifying Glass" icon.

You can also view, change, or remove tags on specific devices by drilling into the specific device's "Device Overview", shown below. Be sure to click "Save" after making any changes to the device tags, or your changes will be discarded.