You can simply open a new ticket within this help portal, or from any page within the Active Advisor portal by clicking into the 'Tell Us What You Think!' section at the bottom of the page:

This will open up a text entry window, and will also allow you to select the type of feedback you are sending so that our help system can automatically route your feedback to the right people:

For questions or general feedback that you'd like to provide about Active Advisor, choose 'General' under Feedback Type.

If you are experiencing any issue, or need help with a feature found within Active Advisor, choose 'Report issue'.

If you have a request for a new feature to be added to Active Advisor, or would like to see changes made to an existing feature, choose 'Feature request'. You can also discuss feature requests or any other topic with the Cisco Active Advisor community here.

All feedback messages arrive to Cisco Active Advisor's Engineering and Product Management teams, and are taken into close consideration.