For customers transitioning from older IOS-based equipment to newer IOS XE-based devices, Cisco Active Advisor offers an automatic conversion from IOS configurations to IOS XE. For devices that have been scanned, a best-guess IOS XE configuration is generated based on its IOS configuration.

This feature is available only for the following series of routers. 

  • Cisco Integrated Services 1800/2800/3800 Series Routers
  • Cisco Integrated Services 1900/2900/3900¬†Series Routers

The output of this utility creates a starting point for your upgrade, and should not be used as-is. It is recommended to review the output carefully and edit before use (such as replacing credentials and other sanitized information).

To download the IOS XE configuration, drill into a particular device from the "All Devices" view, and click the "Download Config as IOS XE" button that appears for supported device types, as shown below.

This will download a .zip file containing 2 files, an HTML document that describes what the converter was able to do, and a text document that contains the best-guess configuration for an IOS XE device that approximates the original IOS configuration using IOS XE syntax: