Some users may not be entitled to view detailed information about Warranty or Service Contracts. This information will be visible only to those IDs that are associated with the device and contract.

It can take up to 24 hours for Cisco Active Advisor to retrieve contract and warranty information on your device. If your information has not shown up after a day or so, there could be an entitlement issue related to the support contract or warranty and your ID. If you have already checked this above, and believe that your ID is entitled to support on a particular contract, please open a New Ticket here, or use the feedback system in the Active Advisor portal to report the issue. It will assist our engineers in investigating if you can supply the serial number of an affected device in the description. If you are opening a New Ticket directly at this support portal, please also supply your ID (generally an email address) if it differs from the email address you use to open the ticket.

You will never need to share a support contract number with Active Advisor engineers.