The web-based scanner operates within some web browsers and operating systems. Cisco Active Advisor will always recommend users to upgrade Java version when prompted.

Please note: Changes were made in 2015 to Google's Chrome browser, and Java is no longer supported by this browser on either Windows or OSX. Microsoft Edge browser (introduced in Windows 10) also does not support NPAPI plugins, such as Java. As of March 2017, Firefox has also removed support for NPAPI type plugins such as Java. On Windows, we recommend using instead the desktop scanner. If you need to use a browser-based scanner on your Windows workstation, we recommend the latest version of IE (not Microsoft Edge), and on OSX we recommend Safari (you will need to re-enable the Java plugin with Safari's Preferences > Plugins each time you upgrade java on your system). In the future, the Active Advisor team will release an updated "Java Web Start" version of the online scanner, which should be compatible with most browsers. The team also recently added a windows executable desktop scanner to register your devices into Active Advisor. Please note that the desktop scanner currently still relies on Java being installed on the scanning computer, and requires that any local system or network firewall permit *both* the desktop scanner application, *and* java, to communicate with the internet for at least DNS resolution and HTTPS. After startup, the workstation running the desktop scanner can be taken to an offline network to perform a scan.

For all other browsers:

  • You can click here for information on how to enable Java in your browser.
  • You can click here for information on how to enable Java through the Control Panel.
  • Try closing and re-opening the browser and click Run to download the Scanner.
  • If you are using OSX, click here to ensure the latest version of Java is installed.

If you are still having trouble running the scanner, try browsing to the following webpage:


This will tell you if your current Java version is working correctly, in which case you should see something like this:

If, on the page above, you see grey text that says "Inactive Plugin":

then click the "Inactive Plugin" text. This will enable the Java plugin on your browser. You can then return to the Cisco Active Advisor Portal, and reload the Add Devices page, which will attempt to run the Scanner again, and be sure to accept any prompts giving permission for Java to run:

If the problem persists, please request assistance at, or open a ticket above.