1. To run Desktop Scanner you should have Java version 1.8 (Java 8) JRE or JDK installed. Later Java "major" versions (9-12) are not currently supported.

2. Open command prompt run "java -version" and check whether you have Java 1.8 installed.

3. Go to the My Computer -> properties -> Advanced system settings -> Environment variables. Check Java Path(JAVA_HOME) whether you have minimum java version 1.8.

4. Go to control panel check whether you have java version 1.8 installed. If not please install only 1.8. Rest of the versions need to uninstall.

5. Please restart the system after and launch the Cisco Active Advisor Desktop Scanner application.

After confirming the java 1.8 please follow below steps

1. Go to task manager and check whether any Java(TM) Platform SE binary application is running behind? If running please stop all java processes.

2. Go to control panel -> programme -> programme and features. Uninstall the Cisco Active Advisor desktop scanner.

3. Please delete all the log files under the "C:/Users/<user-name>/Cisco Active Advisor Desktop Scanner" or delete the entire folder "Cisco Active Advisor Desktop Scanner".

4. Delete all Cisco Active Advisor Desktop Scanner.exe files from downloads and other folders as well.

5. Please delete user_data.txt under the "C:/Users/<user-name>/".

5. Restart the system.

 6. Now freshly download Cisco Active Advisor Desktop Scanner from portal and install it.