Please note that ISE Readiness is still under Beta.

What is Cisco ISE Readiness Assessment? 

 The ISE Readiness Assessment app on Cisco Active Advisor helps discover your network compatibility to deploy ISE.

Your network hardware and software readiness is evaluated as defined in the Cisco ISE Network Compatibility Matrix shown below

I have one of the latest IOS/IOS-XE versions on my device, then why does ISE Readiness Assessment prompts me to ‘Upgrade to a certain Minimum version and above’? 


The ISE Readiness Assessment is completely based off the version matrices posted on CCO as seen below:

ISE 2.3:

ISE 2.2:

ISE 2.1:

ISE 2.0:

So when a version deviates from the range of OS versions listed here, this could result in an ‘Upgrade Software’ prompt for that device(especially if it is an older ISE version for which a latest Switch/WLC OS version may not be updated yet).  A manual verification against the CCO guide in these cases might be required.

How do I use the Cisco ISE Readiness Assessment tool?

To use the Readiness Feature in Cisco Active Advisor

    1. Click the Readiness Icon from the main menu.

    2. Navigate to:  Readiness Assessments -->  ISE Readiness. Click ISE Readiness

    3. Scan your network by clicking on Scan Devices

        Create Networks/Tags (Refer FAQs). For ISE Readiness Assessment, we currently support about 10000 network devices.

    4. Click Start Assessment, to generate the ISE Readiness report for your network

ISE Readiness Assessment would display as below

    5. To check for compatibility of the available Cisco ISE versions against your network, use the drop-down to select a version and view the updated report.

    6. To select a Cisco ISE feature, use the Selected Features drop-down as shown below and select the checkbox of the feature you wish to include.  De-select a checkbox to exclude a feature.

    7. Click on the bars in the bar graph to help filter by a specific feature and the corresponding compliance to ISE. As an example, the below shows all the devices in the network which have unsupported hardware for ‘Posture’. Click on the selected bar again to deselect.

    8. Hover on the icons under each service on table to gain more information on whether a network device is Ready, Needs Software Upgrade or Needs Hardware Upgrade to support a corresponding ISE feature.

    9. To save a report in PDF/XLS form click Export