Web-based scanner:

In most situations, Active Advisor should work when behind a properly configured HTTPS proxy.  Please contact your network administrator to determine the proper proxy addresses and settings for your network. As long as your browser can reach and log into the Active Advisor portal and execute the java applet, all communication to the portal happens through the SSL/TLS layer of the browser and so scanner results should be able to post to the portal. 

Desktop scanner:

Currently, the Desktop scanner does not detect or use configured OS or Java control panel proxies. The lack of proxy support can manifest as the Desktop scanner displaying a black screen, or not displaying a login screen even when the tray icon is present. We do plan to add support for detecting configured proxies to the Desktop scanner in the future. However, Desktop scanner will not be able to authenticate or upload to Active Advisor at this time when run from behind a proxy server. 


  1.  The Desktop scanner can be launched and logged-in on a network without a proxy server requirement to access the internet, and can then be disconnected and reconnected to a different network that does not have direct internet access (or any internet access even) in order to scan devices, and can then later be re-connected to a non-proxy network in order to upload any scanned devices into Active Advisor.
  2. If it's possible to white-list the domain and/or currently-resolving IP address for ciscoactiveadvisor.com (and CNAME www.ciscoactiveadvisor.com for good measure) within your web-proxy/router, this allows some customers to use the desktop scanner properly from behind a web-proxy.