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Perpetual Scanning and/or Remembering Subnets To Scan

At my organization, we are not admins on our own machines, and we usually can't install software.   So I've been running Cisco Active Advisor Desktop Scanner from one of our monitoring servers.   Keep in mind, this is NOT the version that you run from your browser.

Regarding the scanner itself, I can put in an ip address or a "range".   The scan is a "one time shot" sort of thing.  It doesn't keep scanning nor does it remember all the 70+ IP subnet ranges I put in.   If I want to do another scan, I have to type them all in again.   Would it be possible to request a feature where it remembers the networks we enter so that we can re-run a scan whenever we need to?  It would also be nice if it accepted subnets in addition to "ranges". 

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