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Anything new happening

I used " "CCA" a lot and think its one of the best tools Cisco has offered.  It is a great for inventorying  my infrastructure and getting an idea of what code I am running. I have fix many issues just by finding that along the path I have a switch with outdated or problematic code. However tings have been quiet. The last update on the portal was on 16/03/18 with the client being updated a month later. I don't need any new feature but it would be nice to know that this product is still supported and viable. I am about to call the internet police to do a wellness check on you, LoL. 

Hi Rsantiago,

While the Active Advisor team hasn't been very active in these public support forums (nor has our community of users), the team has been more heads-down and focused on burning through the backlog of literally hundreds of feature requests and enhancements to the service, as well as upcoming alignment with other Cisco tools. We've had great buy-in and commitment from Cisco management towards growing this service, and to the DevOps team that develops, operates, and supports it, and we only see the features and integrations with the service expanding in the future. 

Most of our daily community interactions occur through the ticket system on this support portal (Freshdesk provides this software to our team), which is integrated with the "Feedback" system within the Active Advisor portal. We understand the investment that folks make in using and training on these types of tools, and hope our users will continue to find it useful and expanding in features for years to come.


Thank yo so much for answering back. Even though I was joking about the "wellness check" I was worry about the state of the product. I truly rely on it. Thanks again and keep up the good work!!!! :-)

Hi CAA support,

just to know, is this service still alive or is it going to be discontinued/replaced?

Thank you for your question. The service is very much still alive and is not planned to be discontinued or replaced at this time. 

Thanks for using Cisco Active Advisor!


Thank you! I am glad to hear that.

Can you please add these two features we requested a couple of years ago?

1) Add the option for CAA desktop scanner to use an ssh tunnel to login to devices

2) retrieve and view the list of saved networks from the CAA desktop scanner (this way we can avoid inserting manually the scan parameters all times)

Thanks again

Will do. Thank you for these suggestions!

Thank you TNS for making it known that you too like CAA and use regularly And,Michael, than you for letting us know that you are and others  still working on CAA.

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