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Save previous scan settings to repeat them and reschedule

It Would be good to be able to save the settings of each scan to repeat it manually or even to schedule these scans.

Great idea. We'll look into adding this feature. 

Thank you for sending it in and for using Cisco Active Advisor.


Hi Micheal,

Do you think this will be implemented any soon?


Thanks for checking in. We had added this into out backlog but can't give you any timelines for when it will be available. Once we begin working on it and get closer to release I will be sure to let you know.

Thanks again for using Cisco Active Advisor and for your suggestions on making it better. I very much appreciate it!

Warm Regards,

Michael Whitley

Thank you Micheal,

Keep us posted, this tool will help us greatly.

If anything else comes in mind we will let you know.

Thank you! Will do.

Three years since the last response to this topic... any progress?

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